Who are we?

Homes Out West is a registered community housing provider which has been operating in the south western Riverina region of NSW since 1984.  In the earlier years, the organisation was known as Deniliquin Community Tenancy Scheme.  A government initiative in recent years to enhance community housing has seen Homes Out West grow significantly, with the transfer of all Housing NSW properties in the region to Homes Out West’s management.

Today, with our head office located in Deniliquin, Homes Out West manages more than 450 properties in communities along the Murray River corridor from Albury to the South Australian border.

Homes Out West offers long term housing options under the Residential Tenancy Act. Applicants apply for housing and are assessed for eligibility, which is determined by NSW Government policy. Appropriate housing is then provided dependent on vacancies and movement within current housing stock. We welcome all people and cultures to our service.

We see a collaborative future with community service providers, businesses and other groups as we strive to encourage tenants in community housing to be aspirational, not generational.

Homes Out West is governed by a community based Board of Directors. Directors are selected because of their skills and extensive knowledge. Implementation of the strategic direction and service provision are managed by an Executive Team, ably assisted by a professional team of staff in Deniliquin and Albury. The organisation also relies on advisory groups in communities served to inform our decision making.

The Housing Act and Housing Regulation 2009 provide the legislative framework for Homes Out West’s operations. The NSW Registrar of Community Housing monitors our activities regularly to ensure compliance with the Act.  We also have a funding agreement relationship with the Community Housing Division of Housing NSW.