It is important that Homes Out West tenants continue to meet their obligations under their Residential Tenancy Agreement and pay their rent on time during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We understand the effects that the current crisis is having on all of our daily lives. Homes Out West continues to meet our obligations by paying our expenses including rates, insurance, rents and urgent repairs, etc. We can only continue to do this and continue to provide safe secure housing if our tenants continue to pay their rent.

Standard arrears monitoring processes remain in place during this time. Homes Out West’s existing policy of not terminating tenancies due to non-payment of rent except in extreme circumstances remains in place and is consistent with recent government decisions. We will continue to negotiate and enforce achievable repayment plans for existing and new rent arrears. We strongly encourage any tenants experiencing financial hardship due to the current circumstances to contact their Client Services Officer to discuss hardship supports.