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Information for contractors
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Information for contractors

Homes Out West is proud to engage local tradespeople to provide maintenance to the approximately 400 properties we manage across the region.
Homes Out West conducted its biannual tender process for contractors in 2022. This has resulted in the successful recruitment of a number of contractors with a range of skills to fulfil various maintenance requirements. The next tender process will take place in 2024. Homes Out West is committed to fulfilling its obligations to tenants, the public, contractors and their staff, under the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

HOW contractors must maintain and hold current the following insurances, registrations and licenses (as relevant):
Public Liability insurance – to a minimum of $10 million.
Workers Compensation insurance – where the contractor is an employer.
Income Protection/ Disability insurance – where the contractor does not trade as a company and is not covered by the companies Workers Compensation insurance.
Business or Company Registration.
Trade licenses – occupation licenses required by law to enable the contractor to carry out works.
Australian Business Number (ABN).

For more information please contact our office on 03 7032 3952

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