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Privacy Policy

1.1 Access and Allocations Policy

1.2 Changing Needs of Tenants

1.3 Rental Bonds

1.6 Property Inspections and Home Visits

1.7 Arrears Management

1.7a Arrears Management Procedures

1.8 Centrelink Access

1.10 Complaints and Appeals

1.11 Neighbourhood Issues

1.12 Mandatory Reporting

1.15a Categorising Ex-tenants Prodcedures

1.16 Death of a Tenant

1.20 Ending a Tenancy Policy

1.24 Tenant Engagement

1.25 Tenant Access to Advocacy

1.26 Tenant Access to Support

1.27 Tenant Rights and Participation

1.28 Working with Victims of Domestic and Family Violence

1.29 Working with Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence

1.30 Rental Management

1.33 Sustainable Tenancies for Tenants with Complex Needs

1.34 Working with Tenants who Hoard

1.36 Working with the Community

1.37 COVID-19 Response Policy

1.38 Malicous Damage Claim Form

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